N500: Controversy over Teenager tortured to death in Ondo

There is a controversy yesterday over a 14-year-old boy identified as Ayomide Adeghalu, who was allegedly tortured to death in Ondo town.

It was alleged that the torture was carried out by some men of the Ondo State Security Network Agency, known as Amotekun in Ondo town, in Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo state, while another account indicated that the boy dead before getting to the Amotekun office due to the shock or fear that he would be tortured.

It was not cleared as at the time of filing this report which of the account is correct.

It was gathered that Ayomide, who was living with his stepmother was sent to hawk cooked rice but was unable to give account for a missing N500 from the sales.

The stepmother who was said to be infuriated with the inability of the young boy to explain how the money got missing, flogged the late boy and insisted that the boy should account for the missing money.

The incident happened in Ogbonkowo area of Odojomu in Ondo town.

However reacting the death of the boy, a woman who identified herself as his mother, Mary, while crying lamented over the news of his son.

She explained that she was informed about the condition of the boy and had to rushed to the area as she had divorced the father of the deceased.

“I was surprised about the death of Ayomide because he was hale and hearty the last time I saw him and he never complained of any ailment, only to learn that he was being tortured to death by some security officials over missing N500”

All attempts to speak with Amotekun authorities, on the death of the young boy were not successful as at time of reporting this incident.

Sam Maris University


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