The yearnings and desires of Nigerians for an avenue and for the youths and young at heart for inclusion in proper representation to take their rightful place in the government circle by occupying positions at elective capacity is beginning to yield result, this is so as vibrant youths from various backgrounds are throwing themselves up to contest political offices at various levels.

The Central Senatorial District of Ondo State has joined the league of forward looking districts and areas blessed with vibrant politically exposed and self made young individuals who are ready and willing to rewrite our political history in the area of democratic dividends, infrastructural developments when given the opportunity.

One of the shinning lights amongst the youths as Nigeria match into general election year in 2023 is Dr Tola Awosika, a young Cerebral politician and Philanthropist from Ondo State.
Tola Awosika had covered a credible length in the business world by calling the shots in several areas spanning; Security, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Empowerment, with business concerns in several Nigerian States and Countries such as Ghana, United Arab Emirates, United kingdom, and so on..

Dr. Awosika had trown his political agitation into the ring for anyone who has the capacity and determination to change the way governance is being practiced in this part of the world, with a majority of politicians jostling political power because of what to get from the system.

Tola Awosika is simply looking for an avenue to further contribute to the society using his political platform, having achieved same level of success in the business environment where over 1000’s are gainfully employed through his numerous business concerns.

As a fact, Tola has a foundation, Tola Awosika foundation that has been involved in community development exploits in the last three years.

After an upfront business trajectory and success spanning over 15 years, no one is in doubt over the capability of this illustrious Son of Ondo, in the Central Senatorial District of Ondo State to succeed brilliantly against uncommon but quality representation in the Red Chamber.

As a young man that has travelled far and wide, it is not a fallacy to say that his Constituency, Ondo Central Senatorial district, will benefit tremendously through the instrumentality of his global network to attract development across the 6 local government of the Ondo Central Senatorial district.

Dr.Tola Awosika an Ondo Indigene was born less than 4 decades ago to the AWOSIKA DYNASTY of Ondo town, His maternal grandfather Chief Festus Okotie Ebor, a Former Federal Finance Commissioner.

After his elementary school, he proceeded to the foremost college in Nigeria, the Kings college College Lagos, where he shinned like the Northern Star.
He acquired a Degree in Economics and Politics from the prestigious university of Sussex and Followed it up with a Masters degree in marketing from University of Coventry, all in United Kingdom.
In appreciation of his sterling leadership quality and extra ordinary impact in the hospitality terrain, the Swiss school of business and management(SSBN) in far away Switzerland awarded him a Doctorate degree.

Indeed, Dr Tola Awosika had proven beyond reasonable doubt that a vote for him in the forth coming primary elections for the Ondo Central Senatorial district ticket is a vote for mass development, quality representation and democratic dividends.

Tola Awosika In his ideology believes Politics is about Investing in people and making Mark’s in good Strides which builds beyond god fathehrism but into Political mentorship within the political circle.

He Tola Awosika admits that the All Progressive Congress (APC) which he is contesting to run election for Ondo Central Senatorial district has given him a platform not just to contest an election but to win a primary election for the seat of Ondo Central Senatorial district and equally emerge as the APC candidate ahead of the general election.

My approach towards election is going to be more strategic, modern and dynamic.

I am focused on reducing the high level of unemployment within the youthful class by taking up the challenge of engaging my energy and network to develop our local skills and talents and equally synergize all in maximizing opportunities and creating motivating alternatives to better the lives of youths in Ondo Central Senatorial district as Progressive that we are known for.

My vision is in line with the vision and mission of our great party, All Progressive Congress(APC).
My records, achievements, Contributions towards human development, societal growth, capacity and youth development and all forms of empowerments is an evident fact that I have been on ground supporting and promoting good governance and contributing to reducing the level of unemployment and hardship within our economy and Ondo Central Senatorial district.

No doubt the urgent need of a young versatile, Progressive mind to be part of governance to create jobs and participate in community development is now a reality with Dr Awosika ascending the senatorial seat of Ondo Central Senatorial District.

Together, we will win.