3 Natural Foods You Should Consume To Keep Your Kidney Healthy


In our Health watch, we are looking at how to make kidney working effectively, even as it is a common knowledge that health is wealth.

It is in the light of this that SUNSHINETRUTH brings you that the kidneys are vital organs of the body. There are two bean-shaped organs in the renal system which is essential in passing out waste in the form of urine. They also function by helping in the filtration of blood before transporting it back to your heart.

The kidneys are powerful chemical factories in the body which perform the following functions when you consume healthy foods.

• The kidneys help in removing waste products from the body as urine.

• They remove drugs from the body.

• Help in maintaining the body’s fluids balanced.

• Release hormones that regulate your blood pressure.

• Produce an active form of vitamin D that helps in enhancing strong and healthy bones.

• The kidneys help in the production of red blood cells.

Some of the things you should consume to prevent unhealthy kidneys include.

1. Honey

Honey is a natural remedy good for treating some illnesses and could be consumed by kidney disease patients to get the benefits of its rich nutritional content.

Honey has excellent nutritional properties that can help a kidney disease patient.

2. Onion

Onions are excellent for providing sodium-free flavour to a renal diet. Lessening your consumption of salt can be challenging, making finding flavorful salt alternatives is very necessary. Sautéing onions with garlic and olive oil adds flavour to dishes without compromising the health of your kidney.

3. Garlic

Garlic helps in preventing t plaque from forming on your teeth, lowers cholesterol and lessens inflammation. It provides a delicious flavour and garlic powder is a great substitute for garlic salt in the dialysis diet.

Consume these 3 things regularly to prevent unhealthy kidneys.

Sam Marris University

Sam Marris University

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