3million Insecticide- Treated Net for residents —Ondo govt

Health Officials

The Ondo State ministry of health, has called on citizens on the need to use the Insecticide- Treated Net (ITN), promising to distribute over three million Insecticide Treated net across Ondo State

Addressing Ondo State journalists today during a media orientation at the Ministry of Health Conference hall, Alagbaka, Akure, Mrs Titilayo Akinlalu stated that Door to door strategy has been adopted by the national programn for implementation of ITN campaigns in the context of COVID-19 with the option of two approaches, which inlcudes “double-phase door-to-door ITN distribution”.

It involves household mobilizers registering and issuing net cards to households during HHM exercise, after which nets will be positioned at the distribution hubs (DH) for mobilizaltion and distribution teams to distribute door-to-door to the registered households.

The second approach  is termed “single-phase door-to-door ITN distribution”, which involves simultaneously registering households and distributing ITNs. The strategy will require issuing net cards as their ITNs are given to them immediately after mobilization. ITNs will be positioned in distribution hubs (DH) based on microplanning data.

She further added that each mobilization  and ITN distribution team (MDT) will include three persons which are, one household mobilization educator, one ITN distributor/waste manager(WDC member) and one security. The process will take place over a 12 days Period, starting from 9th of December, 2021, including Saturdays and Sundays track up with 2 days for mop up, adding that mobilization  and ITN distribution team (MDTs)  are expected to distribute an average of 200 ITNs per day to households and the distribution hub will be managed by the distribution hub supervisor (DHS).
“In this process monitoring will be done by campaign actors (national monitors, CTAT, state team and LGA TAS), Distribution Hub (DH)supervisor will be directly responsible for MOT(6) wthin household hub, A cluster supervisor will oversee the activities of an average 3 MDT and their DH supervisor(s), Team members will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough and sneeze, etc. daily prior to distribution of ITNG by cluster supervisors, Teams are expected to maintain physical distancing, ensure use of hand sanitizers after every household during the mobilization distribution”.

She noted that face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant and  cloth will be provided for the campaign exercise and also, it is recommended that all eating and drinking to be done outdoors with maintaining physical distancing.

Dr Anthony Ehon Said that the importance of the distribution of nets is to eradicate malaria from our communities as it is the most common preventable public health problem in Nigeria, yet it takes a lethal toll of 97% of Nigerians especially children under five years of age and pregnant women and it can be prevented by not allowing mosquito to bite us, adding that one assured way (and most cost effective) is to sleep inside a properly hung ITN every night.

He  urged the media to keep malaria issues in the front burner of health news, provide adequate media publicity before, during and after the campaigns, subsidize media placements for ITNs promotions, continue to promote use of ITNs after campaign as part of corporate social responsibility and ollow the process through to get interesting and educative human interest stories.

The permanent Secretary, ministry of Health, Mrs Folukemi Aladenola said that over three million Insecticidal Treated net will be distributed across Ondo State and is free for everyone, every house hold will get at least one, also data will be captured for good record.

Mrs Adaeze Aidenagbon, a representative of Malaria Consortium urged  that the Monarchs in all the local governments across Ondo state to also help in emphasising  the correct use of the net and enforce compliance for the community members, adding that the net is one for two persons.