Akoko North Reps Seat: Why PDP Delegates Should Pick Me —Olabomi

I Am Ready To Give My All For The People of Akoko North – Afolami Abdul Olabomi

The front line Aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) in Akoko North East/West Federal Constituency of Ondo State has further called on the support of his constituents, Leaders and delegates saddled with the mandates of determining who represents and fly the candidature of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) in Akoko North East/West Federal Constituency at the primary slated to hold later this month of May 2022, to see reason why he Afolami Olabomi should be chosen and given the mandate to deliver the Akoko North Constituency back to the PDP.

Afolami Olabomi Statement reads;
We must not forget that this journey for total emancipation is wrapped with Vision, Mission, Total Salvaging of our People from the propaganda of the incumbent All Progressives Congress(APC) lead legislative representation that has truncated and setback the hopes and future of our children into common unrealistic projects where our Elites are neglected and a better tomorrow goal and dream of Akoko North is being hampered with a self ambition of the incumbent legislator of the All Progressives Congress.

Afolami Olabomi reassured that the season is ripe for all of us in Akoko North East and North West Federal constituency to push for a ready minded heart of service for people and community development that will engage self inclusiveness across all spheres and sectors of the economy and society by and large.

Afolami stated his preparedness to sacrifice everything for his people in Akoko North East/West Federal Constituency to enjoy and experience obvious positive transformations at length which will cut across the two local government of Akoko North East and Akoko North West and all Political Ward’s.

He states further that Democracy is about people and governance is an essential tool to maximizing and reaching out to my constituents.

As a Legislator, I will be ready to give my all for the general well being of our people. There is need to raise the voice of this over hundred thousands of people at Green Chamber of the National Assembly, Abuja, and I am well Prepared and ready to raise a louder voice for you all if given the mandate to serve.

Afolami reassured that the future of Akoko North supersedes the mortgage of votes buying strategies of the incumbent which is a negligence of legislative duties.

He stated that legislation is about sponsoring Bill’s to better the lot of Akoko North East/West Federal Constituency at the floor of the National Assembly, which are totally absent today by the incumbent legislator of the All Progressives Congress(APC) led Member House of Representatives, representing Akoko North East/West federal Constituency of Ondo State.

Afolami Olabomi reassures his commitment and readiness to deliver the dividends of a proper legislative duty and function if given the mandate and total Supports for a ready mind.

Hence, we must go with this project as he buttressed that it is a project of everyone in Akoko North East/West federal Constituency.

I am ready to rescue our people from poverty and sufferings via frequently organised Empowerments based on people’s need and modern standards of transformation in legislative functions as seen in so many other Constituency’s across the state of Nigeria.

I will not just give you what won’t add values to your lives, No, we will collectively design and rebuild a better Legislative representation where it will be my constituent as a major priority, empowering people based on thier needs that will add expected values to the respective lives and families, and harnessing good jobs for all qualified to work within any form of career service.

We have come not just to make wealth but to make people and ensure that our community is being developed via quality and refined representation, frequently organised feedback mechanism meetings with people to showcase achievement, plans and listen to people complaints across all wards for a better and more productive based Akoko North East/West Federal Constituency of Ondo State.

I therefore want to specially seek your supports all through the faces of electioneering.

The People’s Democratic Party in Akoko North East/West Federal Constituency of Ondo State is a formidable Party with a Structure and we have the capacity to take back power in the most fair and simplicit form with Nigerians and our Akoko North People understanding and admitting the failure of the present All Progressives Congress(APC).

Afolami Olabomi appealed further that delegates in People’s Democratic Party(PDP) in Akoko North East and North West Federal constituency, should Support, Nominate and Endorse him with their Votes as the flag bearer of this great party of the PDP in the coming party primary elections.

Together we can make this federal constituency of Akoko North East/West of Ondo State and her people both the young and aged, Male and female, artisans, business owners great again.