Doyen Okupe @70: Celebrating a Man worthy of all Accolades

By: Femi Salako (Magazine Publisher)

In the course of our lives, we find individuals who comes into our lives to make a difference, angels in the likeness of men who speaks positivity into our existence.

These are the kind of men who gives you the feeling that goodness does not only come from people who are related to you by blood alone.

Today, it gives me great pleasure and honor to celebrate a man, one whose life has been a blessing to me and all that is mine, an individual with amiable qualities and ethics which has earned him the respect of many. His trajectory into the national circles reveals the inspirational story of a man with so much brilliance.

Our meeting which many might describe accidental is nothing but divinely orchestrated, my personal life and my work has hugely benefitted in no small measure from his guidance, tutelage and nurturing. It is always a blessing when you have the opportunity to meet, sit and dine with men who have not only gone far in life but have also garnered wealth of experience which makes them highly sought after. It is like sitting by a river with an endless source of water.

Asides the benefits which I am privileged to enjoy, his life trajectory further motivates me, here is a man who has successfully written his own story, owned his own narrative, one who is not afraid to take bold decisions even when others did not understand him. Talk about a man who in his early years dropped medicine for politics, even after studying in one of the best institutions of learning in the world.

A man who remains the only individual to serve as a presidential spokesperson under two different presidents in Nigeria, while others might say they have been to the corridors of power, he is one which we can say has been to the core of power.

He celebrates seven decades of what I can describe as a divinely orchestrated life, as every phase of his life have always shown an obvious hand of God and I am at peace to say that I am a living beneficiary of a purposeful living. I celebrate him today, even as I would always celebrate him for who he is and all that he stands for.

No doubt our nation needs a man with the wealth of his ideas and his brilliance, his intention to run for the presidency of our dear nation is a clear prove of his commitment to seeking the good of the greater number of people.

I can confidently assert that his qualities and his person is not only credible for the office of the presidency but also Presidential in every aspect.

Even as he celebrates a new year and with many more years to come, it’s my hope and prayer that the heavens continue to smile on him.