Dr Jimoh Ibrahim & Ondo South 2023: How well do they know Araba?


How well do they know Araba?

Politics is either driven by the desire to serve and make impact on the electorate or the whim to Lord your self over the majority and fleece them , using the commonwealth to satisfy your pecuniary demands.

In this part of the world , two groups of people play politics: the few with altruistic desire for communal growth and development and the majority , who simply play up the card of the typical Nigerian politician, win election , become rich and move on…

The latter hardly fashion out any identifiable personal master plan that impels their desire to govern or represent their people. All they project is the ‘ wannabe ego’ , probing them further , the facade falls and you find out they simply want to be ‘ the leader’ and beyond that , no plan, no ideology and no feasible developmental or philosophical template driving their ambition.

The Nigerian political space has become used to the latter so well that every election year , the elective field is filled with the run of the mill candidates whose well veiled ambition is how their eyes are trained on the till. The Yorubas call them ‘ Ojelus’ , political scavengers and sabotage who masquerade as ‘ saviors of the masses ‘ at election period.

This phenomenon is what has made genuine advocates shy away from the 21st century politics of Nigeria for the fear of being tarred with the brush of ‘ the average Nigerian politician as unfeeling and indifferent to the plight of their people .

Jimoh Folorunsho Ibrahim ( PhD ) Cambridge , CFR and Araba , a prominent global entrepreneur , billionaire business mogul , tax expert per excellence , Lawyer by calling , philanthropist by ‘ divine calling’ , scholar, reputable international investor , owner of conglomerates and what’s more, founder of a globally acclaimed standard university, Fortune University , Igbotako , stands out from the crowd of the regular Nigerian politicians in thought and indeed!

He is gunning for the Senate seat of Ondo South Senatorial District under the flagship of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

How well do they know him? He is not the regular ‘ flash in the pan ‘ politician who simply play to the gallery to beguile the masses. Yes, he is brutally frank and being pointblank and frank about socio- political issues doesn’t always sync with politics in this clime; but he is a business man who understands the fine virtue of balanced analytics of issues of development and in the business world , being frank is a virtue! He doesn’t and won’t for all its worth pay lip service to matters of development ; he did not excel in the world of business by paying lip service ; quite paradoxical, such trait as reshaping facts come in handy with the game of politics in this clime.

Books are not judged by their cover, thus the personality of the APC Senatorial Candidate , Dr Jimoh Ibrahim is a testimony of a study in resilience, which has yielded unquantifiable streaks of palpable success in his chains of businesses .

Talk of exposure, learning , savvy and boldness, Jimoh Ibrahim have them in excess.

He is offering to serve his people of Ondo South Senatorial District in the Senate of The Federal Republic. To all intent and purpose , The Igbotako born strong APC stakeholder will be bringing to the table all these shrewdness when he is retuned as the Senator of the Southern Senatorial District and there is no doubt about the fact that he will showcase all these excellent virtue as the Lawmaker at the Senate.

He has made it clear that reviving electricity In the district is a task that must be done , detailing the means of effecting this when he is elected to the Senate more aptly describes him as a politician who understands the fine art of looking out for his people and knowing how to make thingshappen.

Dr Jimoh Ibrahim is a golden opportunity of a Senate hopeful who will become a beacon and an icon of mutual and collective growth , the people of the district will be so proud to build a victory consensus round.

  • Steve Ovirih , JI Media Team

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