It is not undecipherable that man engages in daily intercourse with man without total preclusion of moral dysfunction. Put differently, no man is absolutely disentangled from thinko in human co-existence. It is therefore considered fit to posit that intentionality is architectonic to human behaviour which is the driving force of all human actions and inactions.

It is the ground norm of human behaviour. This intentionality can easily be bifurcated into platforms upon which our transactions rest. These are; INTRINSIC and AS-IF INTENTIONALITY.

Intrinsic intentionality is purely honest-to-goodness, genuine and indubitable intention of the doer of an action. It is a springboard to all characteristic dispositions that are immune to hard skepticism. As-if intentionality, in contrariety, is not real intention.

It is mere intention in the eye of the beholder, which does not truly inhere in the subject beheld; it is the intentionality of nominal action, not genuine action. To sum it up, the susceptibility of these twin forms of intentionality to brain fart cannot in any way be a subject of contest. It is only in GOD that perfection in both thought and action is absolutely discernible. Human actions are only near to perfection. An attestation to this can simply be traced to the Bible in the book of Mathew 5 verse 48, Quran 16:60 as well as ‘Eji Ogbe’ in Ifa literary corpus. He is devoid of passion, unfamiliar with pain, foreign to grief, depression and sorrow. God’s existence is altogether unperturbed and serene. He can never be equated pragmatically to any of his creatures, including man.

It has therefore become a recrudescent cancer in our contemporary world, to mete out an undeserved punitive measure to those who could not disentangle themselves from blooper, as this is implicit in the nature of man, mostly without fair-hearing. An issue that is immune from immediate mediation will be exacerbated by the aggrieved party to a full-blown duel and its concomitant outgrowths, such as malice-keeping, total dislodgement from each other, unhealthy rivalry, obstructing smooth flow of benefits, venting mischief, acute hatred, unleashing diabolism, plotting evils against one another, and much else.

All these are trappings of the majority ranging from kith and kin, couples, political associates, business moguls, classmates, workmates, unions (both executives and members), management of institutions, government functionaries and other social groups. It therefore suffices to submit, with no scruple, that these nihilistic traits are patiently inverse to the peaceful co-existence which is a necessary accessory to good life and growth of the society by extension.

The long and short of this epistle is simply not unconnected with the fact that, people vent anger against petty misdeed of another person and abruptly mete out punishment without adequate circumspection. This is by no means of manner therapeutic to the development of any society.

Advisedly, it is a clarion call to all and sundry to unlearn the learned, deprogram our moral weakling and reprogram our interpersonal relationship. Considered from an existential perspective, man’s facticity is that he exists in the world with others. In the light of this, we should not unplug ourselves from the spirit of love and the ties of brotherhood in all our actions.

Martin Luther King Jr. throws weight behind this sermonic assertion, in his words. “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”.

Every wrong connection in our deportment must be properly rewired and we should shun the idea of reaming out others just because of their boo-boo. Little do people know that forgiveness is one of the veritable catalysts for the emergence and sustainability of pristine societies. Forgiveness does not mean that we accept those perceived wrongs meted out to us or labels attached to us. Rather, it means that we let go, so that we can now learn from the past and look forward to the future.

This is a fecund instrument for changing our internal dialogue. Our internal conversation is important because we will become that which we constantly tell ourselves. Ah humans, we need to get acquainted with the prodigious powers of the mind. Our minds can be our greatest friend when we forgive and let go grudges and ill feelings. But the same mind can be our greatest enemy when we don’t understand how it functions.

Sociologists, Psychologists, Theologians, and Philosophers have a consensus that a correlation do exist between our thoughts and our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The upshot of this didactic is that negative thoughts and feelings are noxious to our health, which as well may culminate in mental disequilibrium. Therefore, forgiveness should be given a supreme reign in our relationship with one another, as NO MAN IS INFALLIBLE TO MISTAKE.

Written by:
Labour Leader.