Praise, Dance, Jubilation as Ayede-Ogbese Women Vanguard celebrates at Community Children’s Day

…as Olori Olufunmilayo Nejo-Oluyede urges federal government to invest more on children’s education for proper upbringing

On Saturday 27th May, 2023, was an exciting and joyful day when Ayede Ogbese Women Vanguard, rolled out drums to celebrate another exciting community Children’s day festivity in Ayede Ogbese, Akure North Local Government area of Ondo State, in commemoration of United Nations 2023 International Children’s Day (Nigeria).

Held in royal pomp and pageantry on the theme “Our Children, Our Heritage, Our Pride!”, the event which was the second community children’s day celebration in the history of the town, attracted dignitaries from far and wide. Organised on the mandate of HRM Oba Ajibola Oluyede, Ise Oluwa II, the Alayede of Ayede Ogbese (under the auspices of HRH Olori Olufunmilayo Oluyede) the programme effectively congregated 1,000 children representatives of the town’s diverse ethnic groups.

These included gaily/culturally
dressed children delegates from Ayede Ogbese communities of Kwale, Igbo, Kabba, Hausa, Fulani, Akwa-Ibom, Idoma, Ikale, Edo, Owo, Akure, Igala, Ibira, Ogoja amongst various others.

The programme also offered quality free health and wellness checks for all attendees.

Ayede Ogbese Women Vanguard was founded a year ago by HRH Olori Olufunmilayo Oluyede (the town’s amiable, widely-acclaimed, globally renowned queen), Ayede Ogbese Women Vanguard comprises the dedicated, grassroots leading ladies at the forefront of the town’s novel developments and initiatives. They productively lead the way -as they efficiently represent their various groups in the affairs of the women and children of the town.

In her opening remarks, Olori Oluyede urged the federal government to invest more on Primary Education, in compliance with the national theme for the year which advocates “More money for primary education”.

According to the queen, “Money answereth all things. (Ecclesiastes 10:19). The more funding we can have channeled and invested towards the education of our children nationwide, ultimately, the greater the prospects for an enhanced society in every sphere.”

She observed that “on this theme, in summary, the gnawing predicament remains the fact that in Nigeria, while primary education is officially free and compulsory, 18 million of the country’s children aged between 5 – 14 years are however still not in school. In Ayede Ogbese, we have no doubt achieved some measure of success in this regard, but there is yet so very much to do in the country as a whole.”

For this dynamic, public-spirited Queen. “Yet another concerning issue is the fact that not all our children in Ayede Ogbese are privy to the Children’s Day government schools discourse, the parades, the pomp, the pageantry, the potpourri of activities organized in celebration of May 27 annually.

It is trite knowledge that 99% of our schools are privately-owned in Ayede Ogbese. The children of these private schools are conspicuously (albeit inadvertently) excluded from all these celebrations statewide. Year after year, our children stay home and watch their government school counterparts proudly assemble at the stadium in Akure. They watch dismally as they return -physically and psychologically invigorated, with restored hopes and aspirations for a better, more prosperous future. That’s the way it should be -but we must let such happen for all our children equally -not for just a
privileged few.

This government modus is obviously divisive and prejudicial. For the children of Ayede Ogbese, it is
intimidating and demoralizing. For us, their parents, it is heartbreaking -most disheartening. However, rather than continue to complain, we got up, wiped their tears and decided to do something about it. As we are wont to do, we again decided to help our government out.

Last year, we organized the very first Ayede Ogbese Children’s Day Commemoration -opening up the
Royal Ranch to over 1,000 children whose joy knew no bounds as they sang, danced, rejoiced, celebrated their day specially -like never before -alongside apposite constructive dialogues on the theme for the year by specially-invited dignitaries.

Today…May 27th, 2023, the schedule will be similar -the second of very many more of such Children’s
Day Celebrations. Glory to God!”
Olori Olufunmilayo Oluyede further remarked that “According to the Psalmist (in Psalm 127:3)

They are to be LOVED, CHERISHED, TAUGHT in the way they should go so they can grow to be all
that the Lord has ordained their lives to be…. lawyers, doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, – wonderful vessels of societal enhancement and ultimate global transformation.

That is why we are here today -on the Ayede Ogbese special Children’s Day theme: “Our Children… Our Heritage… Our pride!” …Let the celebration begin!”

Speaking with Coastal Renaissance, the current President of the Ayede Ogbese Women Vanguard, Mrs. Mercy Ogunmola, thanked God for the overwhelming success of the programme whilst profoundly appreciating HRM Oba Ajibola Oluyede and HRH Olori Olufunmilayo Oluyede for their all-round philanthropic support and self-sacrificing love for the people of the town.

She prayed fervently for long life and God’s divine protection over them both in all their endeavours.

Mrs. K.V. Olomolehin, representative of the Ondo State Ministry of Education and Evangelist Mary J. Ogonnoh, a renowned gospel artiste, who spoke in the same manner, expressed their admiration, joy and satisfaction over the success of the programme.

Commending the benevolence of Oba Ajibola Oluyede and Olori Olufunmilayo Oluyede, they emphasized that their leadership modus is clearly impactful, most endearing, and worthy of emulation.

Speaking for the kingdom and the many monarchs and royals present, High Chief Femi Fajembimo, Olisa of Ayede Ogbese added that “the event (the second edition) was indeed a glorious, memorable one -never before experienced in the history of the ancient town of Ayede Ogbese”.