KIDSCON @10: 3,000 pupils smile at unveiling of ‘the boy weeps’

….. KidsCon unveils first edition of ‘the boy weeps’ programme with over 3,000 pupils in attendance, celebrates 10th year anniversary in Ondo

In line with its humanitarian services, a renowned foundation called KidsCon has unveiled ‘the boy weeps’ first edition programme to out smiles on the faces of over 3,000 pupils who were in attendance and also used the programme to celebrate 10th anniversary of the Foundation.

The event, which was held on Saturday 21st May, 2022 at the International Culture Event Centre (The DOME), Akure, Ondo State, had in attendance over 3,000 pupils from over 60 registered primary and secondary schools from Ondo State.

The Coordinator of KidsCon, Mrs. Funmi Bankole noted that the event was organized to minimise raping of male children in the society, stressing that people always pay attention to raping of female children, neglecting that of male children.

She further noted that male children are usually raped just like that of female but the society does not pay attention to that of male children, hence, culminated to initiative of the programme called “the boy weeps”. The programme is set to attract the attention of the public to the raping of male children and also to curb such vices.

Mrs Bankole also stressed the importance of taking the pupils off the street and take them back to the class for quality education.

She said the initiative will help pupils at Primary and Secondary schools to be protected from being a victim of pedophilia and to also celebrate them alongside with scholarship award given to some outstanding pupils.

In her words, “The programme will enable the male children free of social vices of pedophilia”.

Mrs. Bankole finally sought for individual and government support to aid her team to move round the schools in Ondo state to campaign against the social vices.

In his opening remark while unveiling the vision and mission of the programme, the Executive Director Alpha 3D Company, Prince Poroye Biyi Bill, urged the pupils to keen into the opportunity to campaign against the social vices of raping male children and also encouraged the government to support the initiative. In the same vein, he encouraged the pupils to be more focused noting that the future of any serious nation lies on the children.