My Comedy career is Amazing —Ondo born comedian, Paspe

By Adeboye Ado

A popular comedian, Ologun Oluwatosin, popularly known as Paspe, on Saturday, said his belief in God coupled with undying passion for comedy paved his way to stardom in the entertainment world.

The Funnyman disclosed this in an exclusive interview with our correspondent recently, saying that:

“Am a devout Christian when it comes to praying, fasting and working for God. Hence, my comedy lines are made in Heaven and divinely released. This rare blessing has earned me huge followership on social media.”

He explained that he attends Church without having a prepared script in mind, but after several hours of communing with God, the inspiration emerges naturally.

“No doubt, prayer is the key. Whenever I entered the house of God, I empty my mind with the aim of praying to God for success and after everything, I would start getting some revelation on what to do,” the mic master stated.

“If I don’t pray to God and I won’t get any inspiration and if eventually I force myself to shoot any comedy, it won’t go viral as expected because God wasn’t involved”

Delving into the challenges faced in his career, the Ondo State-born comedian and actor, said paucity of fund was a major factor that militated against his work.

He said, “I have released many comedy that went viral. Even the likes of Woli Agba and others reacted through social media, but inadequate fund is hindering my creativity.

“I am a student of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, I don’t have any job than this. Even when I started, some people hurled insults at me, while others said I was wasting my time”

“But with the help of God and by a dint of hardwork, I am climbing the ladder of success every day. When you check me up @Baba_paspe on Tiktok,
Facebook, and
YouTube channel, you will see my followers”, he said.

Contrary to wide speculation that he is into cyber crime also known as ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’, he said,” I am not a lazy guy, I have cocoa farm, banana plantation. I also earn income from my farm, so anybody who thinks I am into yahoo-yahoo is ill-informed about me.

“People who once thought I was wasting time, now applaud or envy my rising profile. I am a silent achiever.”

He further stated that his jaw-dropping performance do inspired his followers as some cheerful fans do credit his bank account in appreciation of his comical prowess.

However, he urged youths to discover their talents in order to have a breakthrough in today’s competitive global market.