Niger Delta Coalition passes vote of Confidence on Interim Amnesty Administrator, Ndiomu


…..wants Tinubu to confirm him as Substantive Administrator.

The people of Niger Delta region under the Coalition of Niger Delta Civil Society Groups have passed a vote of confidence on Major General Barry Ndiomu (retired), who is the Interim Administrator of the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme.

The Coalition also appealed to the President-elect to confirm the appointment of Ndiomu as the substantive Administrator of the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme.

The group comprises the Niger Delta Solidarity Forum, Niger Delta Progressive Front & Coalition of Niger Delta Youth Movement which membership is from across the all oil-producing states.

The group made this known at a press conference in Akure, the Ondo State capital. addressed by the leadership of Coalition of Niger Delta Civil Society Groups, led by Comrade Bunawari Famous Doso and flanked by other executive members and attended by members.

During the Press Conference in Akure.

Bunawari Doso said, “Coming from an era where the entitlements and welfare of beneficiaries of the PAP projects were bastardised on the altar of selfish interest and personal aggrandizement, General Ndiomu came like a Messiah we have all been waiting for to liberate our people from bondage who seems to be too powerful to be questioned or probed on grounds of abuse of office for personal gains.

“He shared in our people’s yearning and aspirations and gave accelerated directives on the payment of outstanding entitlements of our people which some individuals deliberately withheld for reasons best known to them for more than 3 years.

“He started by rallying around support from philanthropists in the country as a way of making sure some of these bright and promising ex-agitators may begin to widen the scope of their income the moment they are able to invest some of the grants that would
be given to them.

“He met with the European Union delegates on how best his proposed cooperative scheme for the ex-agitator could be more fast-tracked in his bid to ensure that people are empowered beyond the scope of the monthly stipends. His penchant to make sure the beneficiaries of the scheme can become more useful for themselves and their communities made him approach the top hierarchies of the
Military and Para-Military for possible recruitment of these promising individuals.

“One thing we note with all sense of humility is that General Ndiomu is a man of large heart who understands the situation of his people and would go the extra mile to ensure no one is made to suffer for their rights. Even as a military officer, he was a kind person
who used his office to benefit the lives of his people. We note equally from findings that his Dad who was once a military chief was a kind man, save to say that the attributes are probably hereditary.

“Our people have been fed with a series of campaigns of calumny capable of causing anarchy. One thing however that is being untold by these individuals sponsoring series of protests to tarnish the image of our leader is how they were exposed for receiving multiple monthly payments via many bank accounts. General Ndiomu came on board to expose these frauds in order to allow qualified beneficiaries access to their entitlement.

“General Ndiomu has done excellently well, and that is why we are all gathered here to coordinate this press conference with our own resources, and I’m sure he will be surprised to see this media endorsement we have carefully coordinated. What matters more to us is the continuation of these giant strides.

“We call on the incoming Administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to retain this man who has taken public service as indeed a call to service and he will make sure he continues to fight corruption and make the PAP saner. We cannot afford to have a halt in the progress of the current transformation that is greeting this programme, rather we need to advance the course of the programme.

“Our gathering today here is historic, and our final advice to our people is to support the vision and mission of General Barry Ndiomu for further development trajectory. We have set the record straight,” Comrade Bunawari Famous Doso on behalf of the Coalition of Niger Delta Civil Society Groups.

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