Power outage: No patient was asked to pay for fueling at Ondo Hospital —UNIMEDTH

Management of the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) Teaching Hospital, Ondo City, has faulted media report that it is extorting patients and their relatives to pay for power generation.

The management was reacting to a news trending online, that it was extorting patients’ relatives to buy fuel so as to power their generating set.

According to the statement issued by the chief medical director of the hospital, Dr Oluwole Ige “the purported story of patients being extorted to get diesel before treatment or requested to buy diesel for the hospital is completely false.

“No patient was asked to get diesel.
We had power outage yesterday between the hrs of 6am and 6pm there about. That patients were asked to buy diesel is not correct.

“We have not had power supply from the Mains electricity supply for over a week”, it stated.

The statement continued, “Our diesel reserve was supposed to last till Friday, but got exhausted unexpectedly by 6am yesterday morning because of continuous usage and difficulty in restocking occasioned from scarcity of product.

“Getting supply to restock was unfortunately not immediately possible. The diesel was later supplied and power restored.

“It’s a one off occurrence. You will agree with me that it’s an unusual time. The process of getting supplies is currently disrupted.

“If it was not that power was constant in the hospital, Power outage for a period within a day would not have been an issue. The power outage in the hospital was almost like a force majuere.

“As I speak, the main electricity supply to the hospital has not even come up for one second over the last one week”, the statement explained.

According to the statement, the management, however, lamented, that It is really difficult powering on plant continuously non stop particularly in this period of petroleum product scarcity and increased cost of product, even more so when the cost cannot be transmitted to patients”, it concluded.