Slapping pregnant woman: Allegation was concocted, wicked lie against me —Akeredolu’s Aide

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By: Oluwatosin Adesola

The Senior Special Assistant on Strategy and Special Duties, Dr. Doyin Odebowale has officially addressed a press conference today to react to an alleged assault on a pregnant Environmental Security Guard, Mrs Adeola Egbebi

Odebowale who said allegation was cooked against him by those who are not comfort with his operation clean up the state, vowed that he would not be deterred to jettison his assignment.

Addressing newsmen at the governors office on Monday, the SSA emphatically denied ever assaulting the pregnant woman, noting that it was one of the officials attached with him that was dragging a bench with the victim at Oja Oba market while clearing Oba Adesida road of roadside trading.

SUNSHINETRUTH understands Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu had vowed to unravel the truth, promising to look into the allegation against his Senior Special Assistant on Strategy and Special Duties, Dr. Doyin Odebowale that he assaulted a pregnant worker with the State Waste Management Agency

Odebowale said, “We started the enforcement from Arakale, to the Deji’s Palace, we asked people to remove extensions, by the time we got to where you called post office, we met beggars who have taken over the road, we evacuated them, we met a new kiosk it is POS or whatever, we said it should be demolished, we left.

“As a matter of fact, let me say this, the incident didn’t strike me as anything until I received a call from Mr. Governor at around 2:40pm we were already at Ore, that is just outside, when we got to that place we saw a woman who was selling livestocks, (Chickens) and we told the woman that the environment was dirty, she told her to push it inside, she compiled reluctantly, she was telling me that the Governor did not tell them to use the space.

“I didn’t argue because whoever is outside is the owner of the shop or somebody who has rented the space so my misson was to clear the place.

“As we assist the waste management people. The next place of enforcement was where we had a table and several benches tied to the table and a woman (Adeola) was sitting on the bench, one woman (Adeola) sitting on the bench, I don’t know whether pregnant or not pregnant, the woman was sitting on a bench, there was an umbrella, the woman didn’t appear as a government staff, no way.

“She was a trader spotting in green gown, I saw a boy was using wheelbarrow with fruits, I told the guy to leave, before I returned.

“Acting on the instructions that I have given that all benches and tables be destroyed. A member of my team had gone to inspect that, destroyed the table and benches.

“I saw this woman (Adeola), I didn’t see pregnancy, I saw the woman (Adeola) dragging the bench with a policeman with riffle, I said who is this, I dragged the bench, and I said break it and they broke the bench and we proceeded, we stayed in that axis more than one hour effecting what the Governor directed and we must do.

“The only place we spared was Heritage Bank because of their canopy because of their customer trying to observe Covid-19 protocol. All other places down to Texaco, down to A’division (police station), those who have turned the major roads to car parks, some selling bread along the road, we arrested them and took them to A’division, we spent some time with the D.P.O.

“It was later that we were leaving for Ore that I advised the D.P.O to use his discretion to release them. It was when we got to Ore I started hearing (that I slapped).

“I never slapped any pregnant woman, and never pushed anyone down, no pregnant woman fainted, nobody was in the hospital. It was all drama. I have the Video of all that transpired. When you want to talk about Doyin Odebowale, a PhD degree holder, a lawyer beating a pregnant woman over what?

“What I read in Saharareporters that I used charmed ring to beat a woman, because of what? Fighting for paternity or what? Asking her to me my pregnancy or what? What is the nexus that would have warranted that between me and a pregnant woman.

“I am a father of women, my two girls are women, am a husband and I have women, as friends. It is Laughable Allegation, some said I acted because the woman refused to greet me, can I know the numbers of those who greet me in a day, was that what we went to the market to do.

“I have over 20 policemen with me, I don’t even know what she was doing in the market, because where she seated with her wares, there was heaps, beginning to wonder what pregnant woman would be doing with dirt. I heard again that she was on active duty, doing what? With heavy pregnancy?

“Fabricated lies, heavily pregnant woman selling. That she didn’t stand up to greet me was a wicked lie, that never happened, I don’t have time for greetings, we were clearing the dirt.

“I can’t even recognise the woman even now. Those it not strike you as odd that something that was reported as if it was serious, the woman should Have a husband I presumed, even policemen were with me, slapped a woman to have fainted and slipped into coma?

“And nobody had gone to the police to report this. Are my above the law, those who wrote the scripts are amateurs. They should have perfected by going to the police headquarters. I should have been invited to come and write a statement, then maybe Aketi will send to me, then it will be a administrative bail.

“Then police with me would be in trouble, because they are not working for the Govt but for the state. It didn’t happen. I still cannot recognise the woman now. I have the video, after I left, I was on that axis for one hour, nobody said anything (about that allegation), i thank you ladies and gentlemen, the fight has just started,” Odebowale concluded.