Wilson Ikubese petitions UN, seeks destruction of all nuclear weapons


Nigerian-based Medical Doctor and former Presidential Hopeful, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has sent strong petition to the United Nations, seeking the destruction of all nuclear weapons around the world, to save humanity from imminent calamity.

According to Thomas-Wilson, “As it stands today, these nuclear weapons owned by super powers, if deployed in the event of war, can destroy a large chunk of our existence. This petition is therefore serving to save humanity from self destruction.”

“All of us, irrespective of skin colour, nationality, religion or race need to sign this petition and put pressure on the United Nations to pass a resolution for the supervised destruction of all nuclear weapons globally for the preservation of lives,” Thomas-Wilson said.

Dr Thomas Wilson Ikubese

Copy the link below to sign the petition as well;


PLS SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHARE… – https://secure.avaaz.org/community_petitions/en/united_nations_for_the_destruction_of_nuclear_weapons_worldwide_to_save_humanity/?ziIzVsb

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