Year 2022: Hon Ajobiewe greets, rekindles hope of APC, Okarufe in Akoko

2022: HON AJOBIEWE Congratulates, extend to APC and Okarufe things to do in 2022 to rekindle hope of his people

Happy New year AJOBIEWES, OKARUFE and my fellow APC members. Thank you for an amazing 2021. if not for you and God. Team AJOBIEWE are moving forward with the political ambition and this is the first thing we will do in the New year.

Let us listen to ourselves, that inner voice that no one else hears. That thing that knows who you truly are and who you are destined to become because we ALL have a destiny! Now begin to – Give yourself the space to hear your own voice; your own soul. Too many of us listen to the noise of the world and get lost in the crowd. Stand strong! Live by choice, not by chance. Work to grow, not compete. Let love leads. LET US WORK TOGETHER & ENSURE WE WIN FORTHCOMING PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND GUBERNATORIAL ELECTION IN ONDO STATE.

Choose to listen to yourself and a good opinion from a wise one, not the jumbled opinions of everyone else. You are made to survive the hardest days of your life

You are born with the ability to change your life no matter how much loss, sadness and difficulty you are experiencing. You are born ready even though you don’t feel ready. You are literally hardwired to reinvent yourself and overcome. You don’t even have to learn to do it, you already know how. You just need to focus your energy gradually and accordingly. Grieve with each small step forward, one at a time, one day after the next.

This is our journey and we can write the map to where we are going. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, that you should just sit around and “wait” longer… that there is no way out right now. As for me, I am matching to Alagbaka 2023! There is a way! Work hard coming year!! And you are standing right in front of it. Let us respect our leaders. Lets our leaders also show pure love to all members. We needs one another. Everyone is useful.

Those our leaders in Ondo state should listen to the complaints of the party members. They should not just listen to their advisers who may want to advise them on what they (leaders) want to hear as opposed to what they should hear and know to be able to balance their judgment among the party members.

However, I call on the party to be transparent in the conduct of the forthcoming primary election.

Your life is your creation. When you start to know this; truly know this, then you can be more in control of your life and what happens within it from moment to moment. Today (January 1) is the first day of a new year and more importantly the first day of the rest of your life.

Make everyday count towards that goal and Lets Prosper in 2022! Lets go higher!! NEXT LEVEL!! Lets show PDP that we matter and only our God is King!! We will prosper in 2022.

Signed by:

Hon David Ajobiewe, Founder of Ajobiewe Foundation, Patron Oka students Union, CEO Crown David Construction) & House of Assembly APC Aspirant for Akoko Southwest 1.